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AnnMaree 9 years ago

I’ve found that while the grocery shopping may seem more expensive (at first anyway), I spend hardly anything on food away from home. I was having up to 3 takeout coffees a day as well as bought lunches and snacks. I plan my menus based on the TD plan but around what is seasonal and on sale at the grocery store

ssandyjo 9 years ago

I find a healthy eating fresh food is more expensive than non healthly crazy I know, but it is. I buy frozen food as its the cheapest like fish chicken and veg.

cindytree 9 years ago

I try to plan my menu based on what’s on sale at the grocery store that week and also try to stock up on staples and freezer friendly foods when they are on sale even if I won’t use them right away. When I had kids still at home I did a lot of “once a month” cooking where I cooked several meals at a time or doubled recipes to put extra in the freezer. I find that concept still works for my meal plan as I can double or triple a recipe like soup for several meals and it does seem to save money too.

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, to both of you. Most of the expense will be at the beginning, as you swap out staples. Try buying in bulk as much as possible, and focus on fresh whole foods and the smaller portions – don’t get too fancy (and definitely not prepackaged) if you’re on a budget.

LeoandRese 9 years ago

I did find that this week we don’t need as much stuff. I created the menu for this week, but substituted out items for things we already had. For example, I had some left over Broccoli Cheese Potato bake that I froze. So one of our snacks this week will have that. I still had plenty of flour left over so I don’t need that. There were other left overs I froze as well. So perhaps by freezing what you have left over, you can adjust your menu to fit what you have. This being my second week on this, I’m going to see how well it works, but my grocery list this time was about 1/3 of last week.

shrl 9 years ago

Hi Leo and Rese,
I also cannot spend a lot on groceries. If anyone can give some tips or advice I would appreciate it too.

LeoandRese 9 years ago

I started this new lifestyle on Monday. Sunday my fiance and I went shopping to the tune of $350 for one week. I need some advice, tips, etc. on doing this on a tight budget. Granted some of the foods were pantry stockers such as flour and some of the recipes I froze the left overs hoping to swap them out in a future week. Being the first week we have done this, I was shocked at how much we spent. I am trying not to get frustrated this early into the plan but I cannot spend that much every week.

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