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lynnesaywell 9 years ago

Hello to all Aussies and Health Conscious people. I am 62 and live at the base of the Barrington Tops National Park in NSW and I bought a treadmill 18 months ago, I put it right in the lounge room and I use it at least 3 times per week. 4 months ago I bought a rowing machine and I use that nearly every day. It is fantastic and makes it possible for me to have a home gym as I live in a remote area. I am so much stronger now and never have a back ache any more. I am only about 5 kgs overweight, but I need to increase my strength for bone density. This works ! it really does.

porkyrees 9 years ago

Go girls purpleskye are the cats sticking to the menu as well.

marinaheading 9 years ago

Yes! Hello Aussies! I’m in Melbourne and we are enjoying some cooler weather this week with tomorrow not a Total Fire Ban as we first thought. I am on day 3 and haven’t exercised yet as I am recovering from surgery but have 20kg to loose. Ive tried many things and have success loosing but am completely hopeless at maintaining. So here we go again but this time i’m focussing on nutrition.
Good luck all and God Bless!

Elislaw 9 years ago

Hi Aussies, I am from Australia too(near Newcastle, NSW). It was extremely hot last week so all I did was sat inside in the air conditioning.

I have only just joined 2 days ago so am trying to get started and learn all about the programme. I have about 20 kgs to lose so I hope I see results.

purpleskye 9 years ago

Hi to all the Aussie girls and guys….we finally got some cool weather at its raining a little here..i live in Barossa Valley..and its great to hear from people in Australia….i go to the farmers markets and get my fruit and vegies there ..its cheaper then the super markets and it all organic….and i and now we are having some cool weather so i can hit the pavements once again BUT not for long its going to reach 40s by thursday grrrr…love and light.

Seaborngirl 9 years ago

Hi all you Aussie girls…so good to finally find some…hehe! I was going to comment to you r2b2 in the newbies forum. I gathered you were from Australia. I am Bev from Boyne Island up in Qld. No where near as hot as where you and purpleskye and angelwings1312 are, but still too hot for me to bother about recipes and a whole lot of cooking! I’m with you re the different foods.I googled some, and I have returned to the menu planner and only ticked off the things I know and use, and no recipes at this stage, until I get used to the terminology….I found Coles and Woolies both have products in their heath food shelves that are mentioned in the menu planner.Bought some chia seeds, oat bran, and a box of Ancient Grains with Amaranth and Millet to try.I am not cooking at this time…gonna wait for rain!!! Haha…. Well,it is only in the 30’s here, which is pretty mild against what you poor girls are experiencing.Hopefully it will ease up soon down there. Cheers girls….Bev.

r2b2 9 years ago

Hi Angelwings1312 – I live in Murray Bridge – was 48 degrees – like a blast furnace. How are you going finding all the foods – I am struggling to find things on the list. Was looking forward to getting straight into it but it looks like I will need to do some baking in this lovely weather.

angelwings1312 9 years ago

You must also be from Australia.It was 45c in Adelaide 2 days ago. I just did some weights ,arm exercises+ went up and down my 2 steps 20 times .then another cool shower .

purpleskye 9 years ago

hi all..during the hot weather its 49c here. i turn up the air conditioner and walk around the house for 20 mins 2 times day.. my 2 cats follow the get exercise as well..i hope it works as i have reached a plato. and also i want to keep my fitness level up……love and light to you all.

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