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 Ossie-Sharon 4 years ago

Hi, Adam, and welcome. If you use the Menu Planner application to build your menus, you can select alcoholic beverages to be part of your menu. They are in he “Fats” category, “Beverages” subcategory. Each serving is equal to approximately half a carbohydrate + half a fat exchange:
Beer or Ale, Light 10 fl oz / 300 ml
Beer or Ale, Regular 7 fl oz / 200 ml
Champagne 4 fl oz / 120 ml
Liqueur, Sweet 1 fl oz / 30 ml
Liquor, Unsweetened 1.5 fl oz / 45 ml
Wine, Dry 4 fl oz / 120 ml
Wine, Sweet 2 fl oz / 60 ml

 AdamsKM 4 years ago

Hi, I’m new to the program in my first week. I’m a college student and my friends tend to hang out at the bar on the weekends. Is there a way to include beer/wine/liqour into the plan or is that something I’ll have to say goodbye to for a while?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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