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Deborahjjhayes 10 years ago

In SBS we have our own topical forum . In that forum we have a whole list of great nighttime snacks to munch on.!!!:P

DaisyDew 10 years ago

Hi Patsy, Jen & Marie ~ 🙂

Welcome to the TDC! I haven’t been a member for very long, but wish to suggest to you that you join a gr-r-r-r-reat support group. At the top of this page, click on: Groups — then click on the group called: “Successful Beginnings and Support…” and then click “Join”. There are 200+ people there to help you out and answer questions.

With regards to snacks: At the top of the page, click on: Recipes; scroll down to “Snacks” — click on that App and in the search box, type in: Fruit and Nut Bars. Really-really good! Costs less than purchasing ‘em too! Sh-h-h-h — don’t tell anyone but I cheat a little and add a few chocolate chips. 😉

That TV snackin’ habit is a horrible one! With some ‘major’ willpower I’ve curtailed the ‘hand-to-mouth disease’ pretty well over the last few weeks. 😛

The longer you endeavor to reach your weight-loss-goals the easier the journey becomes. Try the snack bars ladies — quite tasty . . .

Janie 😛

PS: A “cheeky” note to Jen: The next time yo’ hubby tells you that, you may reply with: “I don’t think 3 minutes will help much.” Be sure to say that with a BIG SMILE! 😉

PatsySeo 10 years ago

That sounds like a common problem. I eat when watching TV When you are tired you get a temporary pick up with sweets. Coffee and sweets may be a good pick me up in an emergency. I think eating them before bedtime defeats getting a good rest. that is what you need. All that said, I have tried having raw vegetable snacks on hand for me like celery and carrots and saying “later” when someone offers me a chocolate I would love to have. I have bought BioTrust chocolate bars which I try to eat only when I am desperate for chocolate
Yes, It is a big problem I have been trying to solve. Still am and all I can say in advice Is don’t give up just keep trying. any time you pass up a snack congratulate yourself be glad you did. Nobody’s perfect so don’t kick yourself if you eat more than should or the wrong things.

Jen135 10 years ago

I have a similar problem, my husband says “go to bed earlier!” Easy to say when the washing needs folding and the dishes need doing 😉
He very cheekily says he can help me burn some calories if I go to bed early!

mairemullen 10 years ago

I am new to trim down but i know i will struggle at night with eating wrong snacks. My husband does a heavy manual job and like to eat lots of cakes and chocolate whilst watching the telly. No matter how well i do over the day to eat healthy i crumple and fall giving in to all the wrong foods then feel guilty, which then makes me depressed. I have no will power at night. What can i do????

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