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Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Thanks Jack. Spot on! Coffee has benefits, especially if organic (less pesticide residue).
Marijbarr, every stone = 14 pounds.

jackalac 9 years ago

I am a coffee lover and have no intention to give it up. I drink it black and try to keep it to 4 mugs a day or less. I drink very little diet soda because it is not good, not only the caffeine but also all the other chemicals. However, like anything “baby steps”. I would not go cold turkey and if you are just starting you may put off giving it up for a couple of weeks and get used to what you are already doing. Progress not perfection! Water good, diet soda bad.

Mariejbarr 9 years ago

He there, just checking out the drinks options, not really a water person, more of a diet coke and coffee person? Do I have to go cold turkey on this or would trying to cut back be enough? Could have 2/3 cans of diet coke a day, and 3/4 mugs of coffee, what is the chances of getting through. Already feel overwhelmed with the menu and planning, but I know I need to change my lies style. Also I was working on stone and pound so keyed 13 into my weight to start, meaning 13 stone! Can I redo this to pounds does any body know?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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