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iuse2bthin 10 years ago

Thank you, I just ordered some “Nectresse”.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, iuse2bthin. Natural low-calorie sweeteners are availabe – they include primarily Stevia and monk fruit (less of an aftertaste than Stevia), as well as xylitol; xylitol has 2/3 the calories of sugar, but has much, much less of an impact on your metabolism.

iuse2bthin 10 years ago

I’m border line diabetic so I had started using sugar free sweeteners. I see that is a no no on this program; would beet sugar be a better alternative? I only have one cup in the a.m. & drink lots of H2O all day. My goal is to quit that one cup by the summer & switch to hot herbal/green tea next fall.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, sbunique. If you can get it down to a cup a day and without lots of added sugar and fat, that’s fine. Healthy alternatives to coffee include chickory blends – emphasis on the blend, for more of a coffee taste; if you need, you can mix it with real coffee to make it easier. Every little reduction is great.
If you are just in it for the caffeine, green tea is the best alternative.

sbunique 10 years ago

Coffee is a no do on this food plan, so what’s a coffee drinker to do? Newbie

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, all. Coffee has its advantages and disadvantages.
1. Antioxidant
2. Helps against migraines
1. Diuretic – drains the body of water, vitamin, ands minerals, especially potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which can harm bones
2. Non-organic coffee contains pesticides, even those that are banned by developed countries
3. Decaffeinated coffee contains additional harmful chemicals used in the process of caffeine removal
4. High acidity harmful to teeth and the stomach lining
5. Can interfere with some medications
6. Addictive – this is why many coffee drinkers get headaches if they reduce their usual intake
7. Coffee additives! Many people don’t realize how much cream, sweeteners, and sugar-based syrups they add each day (or are added for them at coffee houses)
Bottom line: try organic coffee for your regular needs, and then try to cut back to less than 3 cups per day, and definitely try to make up for the vitamin and mineral losses. If you want decaff, try diluting with healthy substitutes like chickory blends (I say blend, because those seem to be best at not altering the taste of the coffee).

Leanne 10 years ago

Trimdown Club can you please answer these questions about drinking coffee and its non benefits !!?

Sunshine 10 years ago

Hi I just asked about the coffee myself on newbee community. I too love my coffee and drink it black I don’t get why we can’t have it. How does it interfer with our new eating plan. I appreciate any answers. I see that diet thinks no no why I guess I am so confused. I appreciate anyone’s comment or help on this. thank you I’d love it for breakfast if allowed.

pasjj5 10 years ago

I’ve been noticing on my menu plans that coffee is suggested as a last snack of the day (along with something else, of course.) But, is it a good idea to have coffee as part of the last meal? Shouldn’t the coffee be for breakfast or lunch or earlier snack?

ttemurcan 10 years ago

İ just started this program. Any suggestion and information about coffee? İm used to drinking one cup of coffee everyday or else i get a headache

İ use milk and splender. İs there anything in the morning i can replace with coffee? Willing to do that in the morning.

Diet thinks are no no. Any other suggestion on that?

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