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 Ossie-Sharon 6 months ago

Hi, downtowndentista. Hard cheeses such as cheddar do indeed have a track record of causing constipation. The best things to order at a Mexican restaurant include items that are not fried, and that are not smothered in sour cream and cheese; avoid table snacks and most appetizers (other than a side salad, of course), and just enjoy your entree. Avocado and salsa-type items including pico de gallo are great, as are non-refried bean dishes (black beans are a great bet). If the portions are too big, split them with someone or wrap up half right away to take home, so that you are not tempted. Alcohol can add up quickly, and so is not recommended. Your choice of water with lemon is excellent.

 downtowndentista 6 months ago

Two fold situation: cheese, is it my imagination or does cheese stop you up? Seems like I get constipated after abiding by menu and eating cheese. Also first occasion to go out and eat Mexican food; what should I order? Chose water and slice of lemon, no sugar or substitute. Next, what to order? Don’t recall ever eating an avocado, so tried it with chips ( gosh the salt on chips were great). Ordered Tortilla chicken soup, very good, but had cheese in it, I think. Wow, was I full. Of coarse I couldn’t resist Salsa, had about 1/3 of what I usually consume. Survived…..not to bad.

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