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fishing 9 years ago

Hi, JustJanet. I have never eaten any of the “unusual foods” in my life. I was MEAT (heavy beef) & White RICE. And the Little Debbie’s king! Day by Day I change what I was eating to what the TDC is telling us. Week by Week I am changing my ingredients. I am losing about 2-3 lbs a wk. How? Subing. What does that mean? Stop using all of the bad foods to cook with and sub, use Fresh and Organic to start. In the introduction the TDC told us what not to eat and why. Slowly I am cooking using the oils and organic foods suggested by the TDC. I am slowly changing my recipes to include the good healthy “unusual” foods. I went to a health food store when I joined up for the first time in my life! I sub everything! But still use the “unusual foods, just try and eat the correct amount of foods to get the balanced intake that TDC told us to eat. I didn’t get to 283 lbs in a month and won’t get to 200 in a month either. I know I will never stop eating the healthy “unusual” foods for the rest of my life! I’m cajun we all have 2 hobbies; cooking and eaing! I hunt and fish and there are some UNUSUAL CREATURES here to go along with the “unusual foods”!

Ossie-Sharon 9 years ago

Hi, JustJanet. Until others chime in, I’ll just add my 2 cents here. The generally recommendation is to ease into this new lifestyle gradually – nothing cold turkey. Start by getting used to the portion sizes, carb/protein combinations, and scheduling in your menus, based on the foods you have at home. Then every time you go grocery shopping, try to buy a healthier version of some. At least once a week, try a food that is new to you – some you may like right away, some may take some practice with preparation and seasoning. All in good time. In the meantime, take advantage of the Articles on this site to learn about some of the foods.

JustJanet 9 years ago

Have you people who have lost weight bought (found) and ate the unusual foods? I’ve never heard of most of them and my small town doesn’t carry them. I’ve never heard of Jicama or Quinoa, or panna cotta, spelt, haricots, vegan cheese, etc etc.

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