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SARAPUCKETT 10 years ago

I am 72 and I thought I was too old to go to a gym. I finally went and you see every kind of person and where they are in their plan. I walk 2 miles on a treadmill and swim 30 laps 5 days a week. I have been discouraged as I have not lost any weight but I keep going because the way it makes me feel when I am finished. I am just new to this program but am trying to eat what is suggested. I feel guilty because I am so full I feel like I am overeating. I will stay with this plan and eat healthy because I feel better and like the foods I am fixing. I am being introduced to foods I have never heard of and sometimes it is hard to get some of the items you need to do a recipe. I am having a hard time finding rice flour and made some muffins with just the white flour which I will change once I find the rice flour. I am excited and will stay with the plan. I hope how soon I start losing the weight and I will feel better.

hellay 10 years ago

Hey Cora,
I go to a gym n when I see people there who are overweight it is very inspiring for me.I know they are struggling but they are there.We all have struggles.I exercise for several reasons but the main reason is to cope with my stress n anxiety n boy does it help.

MerryC 10 years ago

Cora, I told you yesterday that I would take a walk in the evening. I invited my husband, and together we walked in the early evening before dark. It was cool out; just right for the first walk of the season for someone as out of shape as me! It was a short walk; just around the block, but it was a good, enjoyable beginning for what I hope becomes a healthy habit! Do you have someone that you can walk with? Having a partner helps me; it keeps me accountable to have someone else counting on me; and I don’t feel so intimidated if I am not alone. Less conspicuous. So Cora, I’m thinking of you!

MerryC 10 years ago

Cora12, my heart goes out to you. You are not alone; I feel the same way often times. Right now, it is hard for me to get motivated to start cutting calories; I know I must, but I also know it won’t work unless I purpose to do it right. So, Cora, I invite you to do what I plan to. I am going to pray to God to give me the desire to do the right thing; I know He will answer this prayer because it is not selfish; He wants our bodies healthy. I need to exercise, (not something I enjoy), eat healthier foods, do more portion control, and be consistent. In my case, I also realize I must cut out sugar. Not everyone will need to do that; I know from experience that unless I cut it out, I will crave it constantly. Sugar is my drug of choice, and it is my battle. I am a nurturer, and feeding others is how I show affection. What better way to show love than with something sweet and unhealthy? I must get beyond that; feeding is okay, but I will need to make beautiful veggie trays, or fruit platters with organic, wonderfully fresh foods. Getting out to walk is hard; I have tendonitis in my left ankle, and a bum right knee. But to be honest, walking is probably a good thing. I tend to make excuses to avoid things; perhaps we can both get encouragement from this website. The weather is becoming wonderful (here in Washington at least) not too hot, or too cold. I will invite my husband out for a walk tonight. If he says ‘no’, I will go without him. I’ll try to check back tomorrow to let you know how wonderful it was!

jimruth1943 10 years ago

Cora, this goes back a lot of years, but I still remember it whenever I see someone who clearly has a long road ahead of them to improve fitness. Almost 50 years ago, I ran a lot. Never could get very fast, but I covered a lot of ground – six miles or more every night, through rain, snow, sleet, whatever. One night I passed a woman who was walking pretty slowly – and apparently struggling to do that. Didn’t think much about it as I continued my run. Next night I saw her again. And the next night.

I saw her almost every night for month after month after month. And as the months went by, she slimmed down. At first she walked faster. Then she jogged. Eventually she was running faster than me, so I only saw her when she passed me. I had great admiration for that lady. Not when she got slim and fast. I already admired her when she was struggling to walk a few blocks, because she just wouldn’t quit.

Just get out there and move. If you can’t go very far or very fast, go whatever distance you can at whatever pace you can, but keep at it. Because I have struggled with my weight with varying degrees of success for about 60 of my 70 years, I know this is easier said than done, but don’t fret about what others might say about you when you’re out there trying. If you give it any thought at all, let it push you on toward your goal. Nothing shuts up critics like success.

chatter8ug 10 years ago

It’s easy to feel ashamed when you don’t feel like you meet the expectations of yourself and those around you. Don’t become overwhelmed. Just take one step at a time. Lots of great people here to talk thru. I know sometimes I feel like all eyes are on me, just waiting to seem me fail. That is NOT true. The people who really care are happy to see every tiny little bit of success you make. Baby steps…deep breaths and keep on going. You can do it!

lucy0914 10 years ago

I use to be afraid to go to the gym also because of my size. but I went and the more I went the less I felt that way. when I see some one at the gym that is overweight I think to my self that person is trying to change them self to feel better and good for them. it takes a lot to get your self there. but if going to the gym is to much you can walk outside. I would walk at least a mile or two every day just getting out of the house is good. If you real want to lose weight the most important thing is counting calories if you want to lose weight diet is every thing you can never out exercise a bad diet. if you take in 1200 – 1400 calories a day you will lose weight. plan your meals and per make them. I do a week worth but 3 to 4 days is good that way you have every thing you need and it helps keep you from over eating. I like to have my dinner at 6pm and not take in any food 3hrs before bed. this is hard but if you stay with it you will be happy with your self and feel great.
– “you have to do what others won’t to achieve what others don’t”.

Cora12 10 years ago

I am so ashamed of my weight that I am embarrassed and have anxiety/panic attacks because of it. The thought of going to a gym or being around other people makes me panic.
I feel like I am too fat to do any exercise, i am an emotional eater so I amstuck in a constant cycle of disappointment.
At the moment the only exercise I do is gentle walking with my dogs, approx 1 mile every 2-3 days.
Even yoga I struggle with because of my size.
Any suggestios?
I am trying to follow a healthy diet but still struggling a little with introducing new healthy foods as Iam just not used to it!
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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