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 Ossie-Sharon 8 months ago

Hi, glandregan. This website in its entirety is mobile friendly. You don’t need to download anything.

 glandregan 8 months ago

What is your app?

 Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, brunauriemma. Currently we don’t have a specific mobile app, but all of your purchase and online tools are supported by iPad / iPhone / Android and available to you on the Trim Down Club website at any time.

To view them on your mobile, please follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. On the top right corner of the homepage select Login
3. Enter your Username and Password (You can also use your email address connected to your purchase as your username. If you lost or forgot your password, select “Lost your password?”)
4. After you log in, you will be taken to the My Plan page where you will have immediate access to your purchase and online tools

 brunaauriemma 1 year ago

I too am looking for an app. Did you get an answer?

 Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, trimforever. I am forwarding your query to Tech Support. Someone will get back to you soon.

 trimforever 2 years ago

Was wondering if there is an app for the Trim Down Club. I’m having a bit of trouble with your website and thinking an app would be more responsive and easier. I don’t see one when when I search the App Store.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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