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 wmyrral 5 years ago

Equipment needed:
Large washpot [like for washing clothes]
Outdoor fireplace for washpot
Plenty of firewood
Crocus sack
Horse trough
Clean washtub [no soap residue]

1/2 bushel well-washed green peanuts
1 cup iodized salt [adjust to taste—I like more salt]
Water to fill washpot after peanuts are put in it

Fill clean [sand scrubbed, no residue] washpot with peanuts
Pour salt over peanuts
Pour water over peanuts to fill pot
Build fire around washpot
Bring to full boil
Boil until peanuts are consistency of baked beans—or softer
[Test often by removing a peanut, unshelling, and tasting
When done, dump in crocus sack
Dip several times in horse trough to remove external salt
Empty washed peanuts from crocus sack into washtub
Place in convenient spot for eaters to fill containers
Eat and enjoy

Note: If peanut shells are not to be placed on the ground, trash
containers need to be handy.

Nutrition per 144 g
fat—76 grams, no trans fat
Cholesterol—0 grams
sodium—461 milligrams
carbohydrate–22 grams [6 grams sugar]
Dietary fiber—14 grams
Protein—40 grams
Vitamin C—1.2 milligrams
Calcium—87.8 milligrams
Iron—2.2 milligrams
Potassimum—1045 milligrams

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