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 Ossie-Sharon 5 years ago

Hi, Jolene. For each 5 fluid ounces (140 ml), you can swap out a carb and a fat (e.g., slice of buttered bread).

 Jolene1243 5 years ago

If you include red wine in your diet what do you eliminate to compensate for its inclusion?

 Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, all. Dry red wine is indeed a source of benefits, and drinking in moderation (i.e. 4-5 fluid ounces or 120-150 ml at a time) can fit into a sound diet plan.
Just a note that even “sugar-free” beverages such as vodka are energy-dense, and the body treats them like fat, so it can add up. Also, it affects the liver’s ability to cleanse the body of other toxins, so over time, it can impair metabolism. Just be aware not to overdo 🙂

 slimmymaike 6 years ago

Glad you think this might work – I certainly do. I am not willing to live entirely without alcohol, although I’m not interested in getting wasted, either. However, I believe there is a reason the French are so super healthy – and they drink a lot of red wine! It’s all about balance – the French show us how: lots of fresh fish, chicken, vegetables, olive oil, easy on the carbs, but wild on everything else. I believe red wine is totally perfect for losing weight, if drank in moderation, e. g. 250 ml a day, as it helps with the metabolism and with the regulation of excess fluids. Also, the French way of thinking: if you’re good 80% of the time, you can afford to be naughty for 20% of the time. Sounds good to me! :-).

 chrisjx 6 years ago

Perfect 🙂

Many thanks for your advice


 slimmymaike 6 years ago

Hi Chris,
I agree with you – it isn’t realistic to assume one will either never drink more than the guideline again, let alone never drink again. I think the best alcohol is red wine, after dinner, never on an empty stomach. Alternative: vodka, as it has no sugar in it and doesn’t cause a sugar rush. But of course only without any strange juices to mix. I think best is vodka mixed with sparkling water and lime or lemon juice. Gives a real kick and doesn’t disrupt the metabolism, which any sugary or high GI alc does. Cheers!

 chrisjx 6 years ago


I know that the requirement to limit alcohol is imperative to the success of this eating plan, however I think it is slightly unrealistic to assume that one will never consume ANY alcohol for the rest of their days!
What I am basically asking is what are the ‘healthiest’ alcoholic drinks to consume, that wont compromise the results too much.

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