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  • Preparation Time

    10 minutes

  • Cooking Time

    10 minutes

  • Difficulty Rating


  • Serves



  1. 1 lb /450 g grass-fed/pastured lean or extra-lean ground beef*
  2. 1 omega-3 or pastured egg
  3. ¼-½ onion, finely chopped
  4. ½ cup / 25 g 100% whole grain bread crumbs
  5. Seasonings to taste (garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, etc.)


  1. Blend all ingredients together. Split mixture into 4 balls and press into patties.
  2. There are two options for cooking:
    • Heat a 9-10-inch / 23 cm round non-stick sauté pan over high heat. Place the patties in the pan and lower the heat to medium.
    • Cook for 3 minutes until patty browns. Turn over and cook for another 3 minutes. Check for desired doneness (at least some degree of cooking all the way through) before removing from heat.
    • Broil on a grill pan, to allow any excess fat to drip away. Cook for an equal amount of time on both sizes until desired doneness.
  3. Serve with condiments alone (mustard, ketchup, barbecue or teriyaki sauce, cut fresh vegetables) or with a 100% or sprouted whole grain bun (1 whole bun = 2 carbs).

*The recipe can be varied by substituting with lean ground poultry or game.

Serving Size: ֲ1 patty (3 oz / 85 gm)

Exchanges per Serving: 0 Carb, 3 Protein, 0 Fat

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    • Despite the appearance of a lot of bread, the program in general and your menu specifically is quite low in carbohydrates – total carbs 45% of energy, available carbs 35% (max 40%). This is the level recommended for healthy weight management even for diabetics, as long as ketosis is not being sought (quite rare).

      If you don’t want so much bread specifically, you can click on any of its appearances, and and you will be brought to a menu that enables you to swap it for another starchy food. As long as you go for the items in the lighter blues, you will be benefiting.

    • Hi, lainab, and welcome. In the toolbar above your finished menu, you will see the “Exchange mode” button – when you click on it, you will see the exchanges you are allotted for each meal and day. Exchanges are just units of nutrient values that are used to build your menus in a way that ensures your nutritional needs are being met.
      In your lunch or dinner menu, this recipe will slip right in to meet your protein needs.

  1. This answers some of my questions. I also am not used to eating this much food. Can’t see how I can possibly lose weight this way. I am waiting a week to weigh to see what happens. I am having positive thoughts! I have to substitute some things due to budget concerns, hope it still works for me.

  2. Hi! I have a silly question I just joined the group last week and I am liking it but I had my menu plan come up with classic homemade hamburger it doesn’t say if you get a bun or not just wondered how that works! Also I feel like I am eating to much food to lose weight I am use to eating one sometimes two times a day and I have never eaten this much food in one day! I am always satisfied, but feel guilty! Is that normal?

  3. That’s OK, Carolyn. People post whatever wherever, and I’m happy to answer everywhere. Yes, you absolutely can make that substitution – just be sure the grits are “whole” and not refined or overly processed (like “instant” or “quick”) – and use 3/4 cup grits for each cup of cornmeal. Tomatoes are on the list, but in the “limited” category (meaning one serving is a cup raw instead of unlimited), and we ENCOURAGE you to use them in salads, etc. 🙂

  4. Need some help….again! lol. My menu tonight has a serving of home fries, 2 servings of veg of choice, along with this recipe for the classic homemade hamburger. My question is, do I have to omit the home fries, in order to have the bun, as it says the bun is = to 2 carbs and my meal exchange doesn’t have room for 2 carbs, just 1 and that’s what the homefries equals… can I still eat this on a bun, or would I have to omit the homefries, and just be over 1 carb count? Or when a recipe as this one is on your menu, do you get to include everything stated in the recipe (i.e. the bun and condiments)? I’m just a little confused on this, and don’t want to overdo the carbs if that’s what it’ll do for me :/

  5. I have a VERY limited budget so need to know how critical all this “grass fed” and “omega 3 stuff is. These are all more expensive and my SS check is under $900 a month! could I use ground turkey instead?? and just a regular egg?.

  6. Hi, Floweressa. If the meat is pasture-raised, it will already be a relatively fat-burning food. For an extra edge, you can try vegetables, mustard, and grapes. If you eat it with a bun, try to get a whole grain bun – extra advantage to sprouted whole grain.

  7. Hi, lizabean. The “carbs” here do not refer to grams (the 31 number to which you refer is in grams), but rather exchanges. Each carb exchange is approximately 15 grams, consistent with guidelines by the American Diabetes Association.

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