Does the one and done workout involve a lot of jumping?

Asked a year ago

I haven't been working out for the past few months because I've had some knee issues. Does the 7 minute program involve a lot of jumping? I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle a lot of high-impact movements!

Ben Sims

Monday, March 20, 2023

The One & Done workouts do include high-intensity interval training, but without the dangerous high-impact exercises. Running on the spot can be replaced with walking with high knees at a safe pace. Jumping jacks can also easily be replaced with step-outs instead. Doing this will be less jarring on your knees. Also remember, when you're going into squats and lunges, don't go too deeply if it causes discomfort to your joints. Just remember, you know your body best, so it is important to go easy and not strain too hard. Start with lighter sets and build from there. If you are worried about your knee issues before embarking on a new exercise routine, chat to a physiotherapist for more advice.

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