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  1. Get Direction – Step-by-easy-step instructions to melt fat naturally!
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  3. Get Answers – We have certified nutritionists and dietitians standing by for you!
  4. Get Cooking – Tasty recipes that burn the fat away naturally and don’t leave you hungry!
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Trim Down Club Plus Package –
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Quick Start Guide

We know you’ll want to start right away. That’s why we’ve added this Quick Start Guide. You’ll
get the hang of the entire program in less than 15 minutes. Get started on a leaner and healthier
body immediately.


Trim Down Main Program

We’ve created a place you can get your hands on the most important information and tips in the
nutrition industry. This outlines everything you need to get your body slim and trim with those
defined rock hard abs.

Trim Down Club Cookbook

We gathered together some of the most extremely delicious recipes that you can prepare in your
own home and that don’t demand hours of preparation to spend in the kitchen.

We show you how to take great fat burning foods and create delicious recipes that you and your
hormones will love.


Food Shopping the Proper Way

We break down the myths and show you that just because something says “diet,” “light,”
or “reduced fat” on the package, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your body. You’ll gain
the intuition to see past the marketing gimmicks, and avoid the most common food traps to assist
you shopping for the healthiest and great tasting food possible.

Yes, we can Maintain

If you’ve done all the hard work, then how are you going to keep that momentum going? How
will you avoid falling back into old bad habits and limiting your progress significantly? This
start-to-finish program keeps you burning fat so it never gets “stored up” again.

We expose the triggers that cause hunger cravings, and show you what to eat to put these
cravings to rest and influences your body’s natural ability to stay slim.

Online Tools

As a registered Customer you can benefit from state-of-the-art online tools that will help you every single day with your weight loss journey.
The online tools are accessible only for registered customers and customized for you whenever you Login to the website with your Unique Username and Password.
Just click the “Apps” link in the header of the website and get access immediately.
Start with using the

  • Progress Meter – where you can enter your personal weight loss goal and track your success.
  • Personal Menu Planner – state-of-the-art software suite like having your very own personal nutritionist!
  • Diet Journal – make notes of which fat burning foods have worked the best for you.

You’ll also get the Ready-to-Go Menu, a quick done-for-you menu based on your dietary needs, using the most popular foods that our members choose for their menus, and a complete Menu History to keep track of everything. The Trim Down Club team continues to add and improve the apps periodically based on members concerns and needs. We’re here for you for life!

Plus, you have full access to our Fat Burning Online Forum. This is an invaluable source of
support where you have access to ask questions, get recommendations, or trade scrumptious fat
burning recipes 24 hours a day!

Once a week, we also keep you updated on the most recent studies and relevant health and
weight loss information. These are additional tips and simple tricks that help you say goodbye to
the fat forever!

Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted…Naturally!

The program is 100% guaranteed to give you everything you need to know and do to start losing weight over the next 60 days and far beyond. If you’re not totally and completely satisfied with your result in the first 60 days, simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

If you are still not convinced you can try our limited club membership for free.