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    Hi Everybody.

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    I just started Trim Down club.I hope to be encouraged as well as encourage others.Have diet all my life lose,gain,lose,gain.I love to eat and love food.Need to learn to eat to live not live to eat.

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    I have been with the Trim Down Club for about three weeks, and have lost 11 pounds so far. Tried joining three years ago, but could not stick with the program.
    Now I am retired, and have no excuses. For me, there is no time like the Present to permanently change my eating habits of processed foods, to healthy eating
    and at age 64 there is no time…[Read more]

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    Hi, I purchased the 1.99, created a menu even. I logged out, logged back in the next day with no access to menu. My paypal shows the 1.99 taken out. I have sent two messages to Contact to no avail. Anyone else have this issue?

    • superheavy61 replied

      I am sure others have had that problem. Sometimes Pay Pal does not always work the way we need it to. Also, in this Cyber world we live in, Glitches abound. I think if you contact Support, they will manage to straighten things out. Best wishes for You achieving your goals.

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      Wow! Somebody who is newer to the program than I! If you need someone to encourage you along the way, I will be your Friend, and Cheer you on while we both work toward attaining our goals. God Bless!

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    Hi all, Just joined the program and wanting to loss around 10kgs. Anyone here from Australia?

    • Sharon1166 replied

      hi I’m from australia

    • superheavy61 replied

      G’Day to the Both of you From Australia! I am from Tennessee, and Enjoy Meeting People from all over the World. In Fact, I have two Families that I Skype with from Germany. God Bless You, and May You achieve your goals!

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      We aren’t too far apart in distance, and you seem to like talking to People. Most nowadays won’t, but sometimes some will be the exception to the rule. God Bless, and hope you achieve all your goals along the way!

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    I can have dark chocolate but it doesn’t specify how much. Does anyone know what is allowed?

    • superheavy61 replied

      Yes, I believe it is one ounce. I get Lindt Dark Chocolate, and two squares of their chocolate equals one ounce. Hope this helps.

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