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Group logo of Successful Beginnings and Support, too!! We need each other support group!

Successful Beginnings and Support, too!! We need each other support group!

Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. One who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them! NEVER GIVE IN! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GO […]

Group logo of Beginners


I have tried every diet for the past 10 years and have continued to gain weight! I’ve had 3 children, been a member of a gym, had a personal trainer, signed up to expensive diet plans and constantly searched for […]

Group logo of grandma\'s and nana,s
Group logo of MENOPAUSE!!  UGH!!!


This is a group formed by a menopausal/post-menopausal/my-body-has-been-abducted-by-aliens/once fit, now FAT woman!! Turning 50 must have been a collossal joke of sorts, so this is a group formed for those women […]

Group logo of Better Choices!

Better Choices!

Sharing how we make BETTER CHOICES!

Group logo of heart, soul, mind and strength......we can do it!!!

heart, soul, mind and strength……we can do it!!!

for those that are ageing gracefully and need encouragement to stay on this good eating plan while trying to get as much exercise as possible….

Group logo of Fat burning fruits

Fat burning fruits

Fat burning fruits

Group logo of Living life through faith

Living life through faith

It is my relationship with the Lord that gives me strength to move in the direction of discipline!

Group logo of Invisible disability like RA ..... with weight to lose?

Invisible disability like RA ….. with weight to lose?

Not all disabilities are visible…. there are hundreds of people world wide suffering with various conditions that are invisible to the naked eye. This impacts on their ability to exercise but are keen to lose weight

Group logo of Limited Mobility

Limited Mobility

Hi everyone, this group is is to disscuss and help others with limited mobility and the weight gain due to it. Its not our fault but it is our problem. Do u have a story to tell?

Group logo of Friends with over 100lbs to loose.

Friends with over 100lbs to loose.

I started this group for us to make new friends with others who are trying to loose over 100lbs. I’m new to this plan and hope to find others to join me on this path to become friends and help support each other.

Group logo of Tips And Tricks To Get Us Through

Tips And Tricks To Get Us Through

Hey everyone this is a group to share your tips and/or tricks you use to keep to the menu or to keep away from those nasty foods like soda and chocolate etc
Feel free to post things, this is about support lets […]

Group logo of Disabled and on medication

Disabled and on medication

I am disabled so cant exercise, i have to take a lot of medication for my numerous health problems. Chronic back pain, severe oesteoarthritis, sleep disorder. High fiber diet needed.

Group logo of Arthritis 50+

Arthritis 50+

this group is for the ones we suffer the arthritis pain and the medications make us to gain weight.
we like to be active and learn more about to deal with this RA situation we are not giving up we fighters.

Group logo of Tummy tamers

Tummy tamers

For anyone who carries their weight in the tummy area.
So hard to get rid of this. Is it just plain old fat or difficult digestion
Bloating after certain foods?
Let’s share ideas and get rid of the belly!

Group logo of 100 plus pounds to lose... and determined!

100 plus pounds to lose… and determined!

Anyone with 100 plus pounds to lose who wants to be able to tie theirs shoes, or paint their toe nails, ride a roller coaster, play with kids or grandkids, ride in a plane without having to ask for a seat belt […]

Group logo of Healthy – Easy Meals Using a Slow Cooker (aka – Crock-Pot)

Healthy – Easy Meals Using a Slow Cooker (aka – Crock-Pot)

This group will focus on easy recipes (or not-so-easy recipes) for healthy nutritionally balanced main dishes and one-dish meals that can be prepared and begun in a slow cooker hours before they are to be served. […]

Group logo of WE CAN DO IT


Older members with physical disabilities to support and encourage one another to be as active as possible. We can share ideas on exercises, or helpful hints in performing household duties, etc. We can be […]

Group logo of Advice on Prepared Meals

Advice on Prepared Meals

Not liking to cook, I often get frozen dinners. For example: Amy’s enchiladas. Labels: no trans fat. no added MSG. No preservatives. Made with organic tortillas, black beans and vegetables. Cals 160 total […]

Group logo of 50 and over, TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE

50 and over, TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE

TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE……This group is for 50 and overs who want to get take their health to a higher level, begin to bring exercise back into their lives. People who where really fit at one time and know the […]