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Profile photo of petnanny petnanny 4 years ago

I’m also taking this supplement. It’s only been about ten days but it does seem to be helping with my blood sugar. BUT I also am exercising more and eating better. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Profile photo of DaisyDew DaisyDew 4 years ago

Hi gandpk, 🙂

I’m familiar with the adage, “If it sounds…” — however — when something comes about that piques my ‘curiosity’ (not skepticism) I find myself on a quest to (try) to find the truth for myself.

Because a ‘true’ skeptic is a thinker who doubts or questions the possibility of real knowledge of ‘any kind’, I would not want anyone to put me in the category of — ‘being a skeptic’. So, I’m going to decline your request to — call you a skeptic, because I doubt that you are. 😉 However, it is positively (mentally) reasonable to be — ‘skeptical’ — of something you read or heard about. There is a difference. 😛

Take care and have a great day . . .

Profile photo of gandpk gandpk 4 years ago

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is…

Call me a skeptic

Profile photo of DaisyDew DaisyDew 4 years ago

Great Debbie! I’m hopeful if other TDC members venture to give this IC-5 (from Bio-Trust) a try that they too will offer a review and let the rest of their fellow members know their results.

I’m quite anxious to try it myself. Wishing you success! ;P


Profile photo of Deborahjjhayes Deborahjjhayes 4 years ago

It rally was one of the best “featured films”from TDC I’ve seen. I bought it and am taking it as we speak!! I’ll let youknow!

Profile photo of DaisyDew DaisyDew 4 years ago

Hello fellow TDC Members! 😛

On Saturday (18th) I received an Email from the TDC, authored by Amber Mink of the TDC. I am sure this Email was sent to all who belong to the TDC. With that said, I won’t belabor the contents of the Email except to designate, the available link within that Email affords one an exceptional expose regarding our never-ending fight against those nasty carb’s we all so dearly love. 😛 For those of you who have not watched/listened to the video: The link, from, features nutritionist Joel Marion and the explanation/information he delivers is — excellent!

Yes — he along with Brett Hall, R.D. are touting a product that I’m most interested in trying. Yes — it’s expensive and since my krill-oil is next in-line to be purchased, 🙂 their product is going to have to wait. Although I did not order at this time, I took advantage of their offer for a “FREE” PDF (ya gotta have Adobe to get it) booklet called: ‘4 Tricks to NEVER Store Carbs As Fat’. The booklet is authored by Joel Marion and Brett Hall. It is exceedingly informative.

I wish to ask a favor: Anyone of you who have decided to embark on this regimen that is offered, would you be so kind as to convey your results to the rest of us? The TDC is an excellent avenue for all of us to express (and share) our results in using this product.

THANKSABUNCH and y’all have a ‘poundish-losin’ day . . . 😉

Janie 😛

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