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Hi, LoseMama. When you are in the area of the grocery list, “select all” (usually Ctrl and A on your keyboard) and “copy” (Ctrl C), then paste into an email that you send to your husband. He can print it from there.

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I really like recipes will go to market today how can i print list on husbands email? I use laptop no printer???

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Hi, jandmphillips. I have forwarded your query to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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Same problem! I click on “Grocery List” and get only the items for 1 serving. I need to shop for a family!

And, I notice that these help questions are very old. Would love answers to these problems.

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Hi, Vanessa, and welcome! Click on the “Grocery List” icon in the toolbar above you menu (on the right end).

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New member

How do I make a grocery list based on my specific weekly menu. Seems to only allow for all favourite foods or just recipes.

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