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Hi, slimjimima. Bananas are definitely not a no-no – I’m not sure where you might have seen that, but it’s not in the blurb, no worries. We have several articles on the benefits of bananas in our article collection.
As for the variety, since you have just recently started the program and selected the 8-week route, you are likely receiving automatic menus. I suggest you use the full personal Menu Planner application (in “Apps” above) so that you can select the foods you want in your menus. In your profile, you can also select the degree of variety you want in those menus. If you would like additional assistance or a refund, you can contact tech support directly through the “Contact Us” link below.
Nutritional questions, of course, you can post here, and I will get back to you.

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If, as your blurb claims, bananas are a no-no, why have you suggested I have them on 3 days in the first week? Why are my menus so lacking in variety when I explained that I enjoy eating most foods? Why is there so much food recommended? How can I get my money back????

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Hi, debraeger.The video discussed artificial or overprocessed versions of popular foods that should be healthy, but have been manipulated into being particularly harmful to your goals. Rather than giving up on them altogether, we encourage better versions in their original, natural forms. Note that the foods discussed in the video are only examples, and many other popular foods have been similarly affected—so it’s good to read labels, be aware of how a food is made, and choose whole foods as much as possible.
1. Regular “whole wheat” bread – this often also contains refined flours, so it is preferred to select “100% whole” grain products (wheat or other). Even with these products, be sure to read the label and avoid hydrogenated fats or similar ingredients such as mono- and diglycerides.
2. Regular margarine – this is often made from chemically altered fats that create health risks similar to those people are trying to avoid by eating a plant-based product. If you must use a hardened oil, t is better to choose those based on coconut oil, and otherwise to use healthy liquid oils, such as olive, as much as possible.
3. Artificial sweeteners – you can read more about this here:
4. Regular orange juice – If it is in a store, it is likely to have been stripped of what makes it healthy. Even if vitamins etc. have been added back in, it really is not the same. Fresh-squeezed is the way to go.
5. Conventional and overly processed soy – organic is fine, and minimally processed items such as tofu, yogurt, and milk, as well as fermented items such as tempeh and natto are fine. However, most pre-packaged mock meats tend to be a problem.

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What are the 5 foods to avoid??

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Hi, nkeegan. All of that is absolutely fine. Just be sure to get at least 5 total fruit/vegetable servings and 3 total calcium-rich food/beverage servings each day.

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I am still trying to get the hang of this new lifestyle, and I still have a few questions. First, sometimes I don’t eat everything on my menu. I don’t add anything to it, but (for example) I was supposed to have 4 rice cakes for breakfast, but I only ate two. Also, I don’t always get snack 3 in (I try not to eat after 7 pm). Is this ok? Last, I printed out a new menu for this week, and I really liked Saturday’s menu best. Would it be ok to do Saturday’s menu every day this week? It would be more convenient to prepare, and it would save money.

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Hi, nkeegan. Repeat meals, days, and/or weeks as often as you like.

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Thank you. I feel I have more of a handle on things. Last, I really like the menu I had last week. Is it ok to repeat a menu, or do you have to do the new week’s menu?

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Hi, nkeegan.
As I noted below, we encourage the healthiest (i.e. non-GM) versions of popular foods like the five discussed in the video, and so those are included in your menus. As for swapping, as long as it is according to the options in the Menu Planner, or you match food groups and portion sizes, the program will be just as effective (possibly more, because it will be comfortable for you and can be sustained long-term).

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Thank you for getting back to me; I still have a couple confusions though. First, why are the 5 most popular foods like gm products, whole wheat and corn incorporated in our menus? I thought we shouldn’t eat them< Also, I get scared that if I swap too much, my program won’t be effective. Is it to swap a lot (with the swap options of course)?

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Hi, nkeegan. Since the Menu Planner application needs to serve a wide range of tastes, some of the combinations may seem odd – and that is why the swap function is there, and it’s great that you have been using it.
Please do swap as you need!
As for the 5 foods, those in the presentation were just examples of the most commonly available forms of popular foods that should be healthy by have been refined and/or processed to a form that can sabotage health efforts. In this program, we encourage you to go for the original, truly natural an healthy versions.

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I, too, am somewhat baffled by the combinations of foods–when can I substitute? What can I substitute? I am finding that I am spending an too much time gathering the foods. Are menu choices selected specifically because they promote weight loss? I am still trying to find out what “free” spread is? Same with Home Fries>

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Hello, it’s me again. I am sitting here trying to make my first week as simple as possible. I liked the menu I have on Monday; it has foods I like, and only three recipes (as opposed to the 7 for the week). I thought about just repeating my “Monday” menu all week long. This would make shopping, planning and shopping so much easier as I become more familiar with this program. Would that be ok

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I just began this plan yesterday, and I am more overwhelmed then excited. My first question is that when I picked my favorite foods, and got my menu for the week, I made many swaps or changes; Sometimes I even swapped out an entire meal for the exact one I had the previous day. My menu over health went up to 92%, but I wanted to make sure the plan will still be effective even though I made changes. Second, why is it that the 5 “forbidden” foods are options within the menus? I thought they were forbidden. Can someone please help me? I don’t want to get so overwhelmed that I say forget it before I get started!!!

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Hi, popsey. The 5 foods were examples of basically healthy foods that are most commonly found in highly manipulated forms that work against weight loss efforts. We don’t agree with non-organic or overly processed soy, but organic tofu, soymilk, and fermented soy products can be excellent.

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