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Hi, popsey. The 5 foods were examples of basically healthy foods that are most commonly found in highly manipulated forms that work against weight loss efforts. We don’t agree with non-organic or overly processed soy, but organic tofu, soymilk, and fermented soy products can be excellent.

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Hi- I’m a newbie and read the 5 food items to avoid. I then opened the 1st breakfast item which was ‘Healthy’ Veggie quiche and it called for 2 items that are soy based- soy milk and tofu- I thought soy was a no. No?

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Hi, GetSkinny. That looks just fine.

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I have a question about substituting a protein drink (SPIRU-TEIN HIGH PROTEIN ENERGY MEAL. I make it with pineapple juice/water, half cup of each and half of a banana. I have been having one of these almost every morning for 5 years.

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Hi, Jennlamb. No – those are vitamins, as are pyridoxine, cobalamin, panthothenate or pantothenic acid, folate or folic acid. The only concern with these being on the label is that they may indicate that the food was so processed that the vitamins were stripped in the first place – not always, but it is good to look at the whole package.

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I’m still trying to get my head around reading the ingredients in foods. Can someone tell me if I should avoid the following; thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.

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Hi mtmaddox,
You can find the 5 Foods under episode 4 “Making Wise Food Choices –What to Eat and Which Foods to Avoid?” in the “Trim Down Main Program Guide”, under the “My Downloads” area.

You can also join this discussion about the topic here and read the list that was posted by our members by simply scrolling down.
Best :)

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Can I eat cottage cheese and pineapple together in the same
snack or meal? I have played with the menu edit several times
and I have never been able to let me do those food comibnations,is there a reson for this?

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Hi, success. Edamame is excellent!

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Hi, I just joined today and have a question re edamame beans – are they considered bad for weight loss? I have them for breakfast every day. Thanks.

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Hi, Georgia. Absolutely.

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Hi Ossie – I didn’t know this “Exchange List” existed. Do I understand correctly that you can substitute an item in a list, with any other item in the same list? If so, to me,this is better than using the ‘substitute’ button.

Hi fwilson1 – I, too, found that there were some really bizarre combinations but the substitute list worked well for me and now this exchange list will do the same. When I planned my menu initially, I only selected the food items that I knew I liked and usually kept on hand. I have now expanded my foods but not to the point of confusion – I still stick to my personal basics and the menu planning is so much easier. I don’t use many of the recipes but I do adapt the items in my menu to suit the guidelines. For instance, I will poach fish, boil eggs, broil meat and my favorite ‘vegetable of my choice’ is Romaine lettuce – I can add that to almost anything (hot and raw vegies, cous cous, chopped apples – you name it) to add bulk to my meals make some really delicious salads. I also keep a mini food processor on my counter to grind walnuts or chop vegies for my smoothies or salads. Glad to have you on board with TDC – it’s the only eating plan (diet sounds so restrictive) that is really working for me. Good luck.

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being a non drinker (Alcoholic) and always being the taxi driver. I am finding it difficult not asking for diet coke or something else to drink. Any suggestions?


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I agree with Dotbibber in that I chose the foods I like but I find the menu plan rather bizzare (gravy with pasta) and would find it more useful if I had more information to go on so that I can create my own menus.

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