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Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 11 months ago

Hi, Ovive. You can definitely switch between days.

Avatar of Ovive Ovive 11 months ago

Meal planner,,

Hi Ossie, I am starting , and planning for my week… Is the Snack no 3 on Monday is same value as snak no 3 on Friday? Can I swich Snack no 3 Monday to any snack no 3 on a another day ?.. Can I swich dinner on my planner for a dinner on a another day in the same week ?

Thank you

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 11 months ago

Hi, Ferrenburg. Wild game does not mess up the plan at all – it is indeed counted as a very lean meat. Just select something lean from the Menu Planner, and swap it out at mealtime. The program will be adding the option of game in a future version.

Avatar of Ferrenburg Ferrenburg 11 months ago

Ossie what about someone who just eats wild game such as moose and caribou. they are very lean would they be along the lines of chicken. I usually call it beef but it is really good for you.

what about not eating all your food does that mess you up on this plan?

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 11 months ago

Hi, Diane. Yes, I am a dietitian with the Trim Down Club. I am happy to help with any questions.

Avatar of DianeHutchings DianeHutchings 12 months ago

Ossie, I am noticing that you are answering everyone’s questions. Are you a dietician?

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 12 months ago

Hi, Fakhirakhan. Combining protein with carbohydrates and/or fats maximizes metabolism. Among fats, using monounsaturated fats (as are high in olive oil) has also been shown to increase metabolism. Among carbohydrates, complex/high-fiber carbohydrates – especially those with good enzyme activity, such as fresh vegetables and sprouted grains and legumes – maximize potential for metabolism. Most of all, eating when most active (not skipping early meals) while tapering off toward the end of the day has the best effect.

Avatar of Fakhirakhan Fakhirakhan 12 months ago

I have one questioning want to learn the combination of foods that boost up your motabilism

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 12 months ago

Hi, Fakhirakhan. Homemade bread is usually better than store-bought, but of course, a lot depends on the ingredients – mainly, what sort of flour you use. This program recommends sprouted or 100% whole grain – if that is what you are using, it is fine.
As for the recipes, there are several that are similar to your description, i.e. Fish Curry, Chicken Peanut Pad Thai, Coconut-Stewed Garbanzo and Kale. Most importantly, you can substitute the listed spices in most of the recipes with your own spices – they are very flexible in terms of the combination of flavors.
Spices in general are considered good for the metabolism, as are green leafy vegetables, which you see featured throughout many of the recipes.

Avatar of Fakhirakhan Fakhirakhan 1 year ago

Your recipes are not for me because I cook food very different way like Indian way with all the spices.send me those kind of receipes if you have and guide me with foods that boost up your metabolism and I eat home maid breadthat has 60 caloriesand10 fat calories should I continue eatin that bread or not

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, esteslucy2. Yes, 100% whole grain is great.

Avatar of esteslucy2 esteslucy2 1 year ago

When I said whole wheat bread, I should have said, 100% whole grain wheat bread, where the hulk is still on the grain. Is that okay?. Since finding SWG bread is difficult.

Avatar of fishing fishing 1 year ago

Hi, esteslucy2. If you are reading my comment “if it don’t rot don’t eat it”, what was meant is the food needs to be fresh. Not processed. And your question about 100% wheat bread; we know that 100% wheat bread is better than white processed bread. We know SWG bread is better for you than 100% wheat. Ossie is always saying upgrade. The TDC gives you what is best; upgrade from where you are at to the best.

Avatar of esteslucy2 esteslucy2 1 year ago

Home grown corn can rot, so can you eat it. What about 100 % whole wheet bread.

Avatar of Ossie Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, JustJanet, if you are a big corn lover, see if you can find “sweet corn” – that is very rarely GMO if at all.

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