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Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards

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205 2 weeks ago
Success stories? Anyone care to share?

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Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Encouragement!

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883 4 months ago

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Free foods list

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8 4 hours ago
Daily Menu – breakdown of food groups

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New member

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4 14 hours ago
where does cheese fit into the program

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2 1 day ago
How to figure portions

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2 5 days ago
managing the menu

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3 6 days ago
Man, Vegetarian in uk looking for WL Buddies

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2 6 days ago
Exchange info

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Number of daily meansls

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Family Planning

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recipes and meal planner

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Day 1

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Nutritional Information

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Prefer 100% fat over no fat products

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Nutrition & Diet

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    Thanks Support - but on the coffee, does it matter if it's REG or DECAFE?

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    Both of these infos are from 4 years ago. Are they still the same? I need to now how many of each of these you can have in 1 day, to maintain the proper balance.

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    Hi, Maggy. It looks like you might be better served by using the fully personal version of the Menu Planner application. You can access it by clicking on "My Food Choices" in the toolbar above any of your menus - there you will be brought to food lists from which you can select what you like and for which meals.

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    Hi I joined today and trying to get my head around things i clicked on menu planner and ticked all the foods I liked. I saved my foods and asked it to create a menu planner.I am now as this is the menu for my first day... Breakfast - Muffin, spread, cottage cheese and 1 cup of strawberries, Snack - Egg, bread, 30g cream cheese. Lunch - 130g prawns, 1 cup pasta, pesto sauce and 2 servings of veg. Dinner - 1/2 cup chips, bread, 60g F.Free Cheese, 1 serving of veg. Snack 6 Crackers, 6 crackers, 1/3 cheese ricotta and serving of veg.Confused, 4 cheese things in a day, chips when I don't like chips and too much breadI was trying to swap food but I kept getting blue and red figures.What are other people having per day? I would love to see someones daily menu.

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