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Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Encouragement!

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869 5 days ago
Success stories? Anyone care to share?

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588 1 week ago
Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards

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193 22 hours ago

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3,751 21 minutes ago
health bars

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1 6 hours ago
Allowed fresh fruits

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1 21 hours ago
milk /bread/ free spread

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2 22 hours ago
vegatable serving sizes

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4 22 hours ago
summer squash, okra

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2 23 hours ago
Buckwheat & Rice Flour

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5 23 hours ago
New to program

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2 1 day ago
How am i supposed to eat so much

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10 1 day ago
14 day meal plan

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2 1 day ago
What good is setting up meal planner?

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31 1 day ago
slightly confused, help needed!

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3 3 days ago
Thai Dipping Sauce

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4 3 days ago

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3 4 days ago

Nutrition & Diet

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    Yahoo!! Finally found an eating plan I can stick with.

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    Love this program. Am trying some of the recipes as I love to cook. So excited that I can make menus geared to what I have in the pantry. Have always to eat healthy but sometimes get waylaid with life. Have to keep concentrating on good eating habits. I will do this. I will do this. I will do this.

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    Just starting program and finding it hard to find out what type of dressing to put on salads

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    Hi, kiddymoodyblue. This program is actually designed to be fairly low in carbohydrates to help diabetics manage blood sugar. The best option for this is to use the fully personal version of the Menu Planner application (the right-most option at and selecting foods for your menu according to our color-coding system wherein the healthiest options are listed in the lighter blue shades. This is likely to provide you with a menu with 42-45% of energy from carbohydrates, which is quite low.

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