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Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Encouragement!

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Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards

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Success stories? Anyone care to share?

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just finished first week

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Food amounts

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Artificial Sweeteners

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Pickled veggies

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5 foods to avoid..

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use of kombucha

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Change to customised menu option

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Too much food

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Having trouble

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Mixed salad

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Nutrition & Diet

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    Hi, Patty. Thanks for that information. There's definitely room for compromise, and I'm happy to help in whatever I can. First, you can cut back a bit on the foods in your menu, preferably from the starchy carbs. Stick with the protein and produce foods. Second, walking or even being on your feet is not essential for physical activity, but some form of exercise is very important to your health - if you lose weight without it, you will lose muscle, and that can impact your organs and ultimately function. The following are a few of our videos for ideas to get you started: Deskercise PiYo Toe Touches Lower Body Slim and Toning Abs

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    Your body’s reaction is quite normal if you were previously on such a restrictive diet. Your metabolism has simply slowed, and it may take several weeks for your body to get used to normal amounts of food again. Because of the huge difference, I would suggest to bring down the amount of food in your menu by entering a goal weight of 81.6 (just 0.21 lower than your current goal weight) as your current weight. Most importantly, the most reliable (and healthiest) way to give your body a boost here is through physical activity. This is not just because of the extra energy it burns, but also because it protects and strengthens your most important fat-burning asset, muscle tissue. If you are new to exercise, please let us know, and we can assist you with resources on getting started if you wish—note that you don’t have to dive headfirst into anything strenuous, and that there are helpful exercises to fit all ability levels and time schedules. Even just walking in place in front of the TV for the length of a sitcom is great—if you feel like you’re “out of shape,” just start with 5 minutes each time, and work your way up to 30 minutes, then twice per day if you need. Be sure to switch your exercise routine every three weeks to keep your muscles "guessing" and not complacent. It doesn’t have to be super strenuous, just something you can do on a regular basis. Even just lifting filled food cans in front of the TV counts. A particularly recommended option is to mix up the rhythm by adding bursts of higher intensity movement to a steady aerobic regime. This can be something like 30 seconds of jogging or going uphill every 5 minutes during a regular walk. Regardless of your situation, it is recommended to you discuss your plans with your health care provider to be sure any needed safety steps are taken.

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    Hi, thank you :) Food for 3 days in the meaning that I might be able to have all that food over three days! I am not very active, as a matter of fact, I can barely walk, but still, I gained weight over the past year and a half and finally decided to get rid of it. I am not on a diet but my food intake is around one-third of that shown in a daily menu of the planner tool... I simply eat a very small amount of food for it is enough to fill my stomach, but it seems that every 10 grams of food become 20 grams of fat in my body :(

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    Hi, sktsts. Only if it is freshly squeezed.

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