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Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Encouragement!

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Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards

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Success stories? Anyone care to share?

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Lunch Vs. Dinner

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Uncured cold cuts

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Strange ingredients & very American?

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free spread

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free spread

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Staying on program after bariatric surgery/metabolism shut down

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Foods not found in Food Choices

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Serving sizes

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Missing one out of the Five

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interpretation of nutritional values

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Nutrition & Diet

  • Profile photo of ossie-sharon Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, auragasm, and welcome! You can use small amounts of coffee creamer, but we do encourage you to use "real" options, such as half-and-half, full cream, or milky vegan beverages.

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  • Profile photo of ossie-sharon Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, NoraRae. We do prefer you eat everything on the menu, but if it's too much, don't push too hard. Regarding what to cut, it's actually best that you don't cut protein and produce - it's usually better to cut starchy carbs. See how your body responds either way.

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  • Profile photo of Aura auragasm

    Hello - I'm new, starting today. I can't tell you how many "diets" I've tried only to get bored with them. WW was good but I hated counting the points. I have a question: is coffee creamer okay in a small amount?

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  • Profile photo of NoraRae NoraRae

    Great thanks! Do I need to eat everything on my menu for a certain meal. For example, if a snack is 2 oz of poultry, 1/2 white bagel, 1 oz free spread, 1/2 c. veg juice can I eliminate the poultry?

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