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"Free" spread

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2 1 week ago
I need help

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2 2 weeks ago
My Diet

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6 3 weeks ago
losing the baby weight while breastfeeding

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2 1 month ago
My 1st Week in.

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2 3 months ago

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3 3 months ago

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2 3 months ago

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2 4 months ago
iPhone or iPad App?

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10 4 months ago
Confused what to eat , what not to eat

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2 6 months ago
when to eat

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2 1 year ago
Hello Just starting

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2 1 year ago
Mum of three and new to the trim down club

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2 1 year ago
menu planner help

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5 1 year ago
A glass of wine maybe

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2 1 year ago

Moms on Diet

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    Hi, mmcaron37. A free spread is a spread that is either inherently low in carbohydrates or protein, or the amount of carbs/proteins in a minimal amount is negligible, and so does not need to be counted in your menu. The "free spread" option appears when you have a bread or cracker type item in your meal, but no specific spread to go with it. When you click on the "free spread" text, a list will pop up.

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    Hi, Steve. Go to

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    Hi, exellepromo. What is your physical activity level?

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    i have been doing this for 3 weeks and i have not lost anything yet, not happy at all

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