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My 1st Week in.

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6 6 days ago

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5 3 weeks ago
How do I make the grocery list?

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4 1 month ago

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2 1 month ago
Confused what to eat , what not to eat

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4 1 month ago
Grocery list

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Vanessa West

2 1 month ago
"Free" spread

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2 2 months ago
I need help

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2 2 months ago
My Diet

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6 2 months ago
losing the baby weight while breastfeeding

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2 3 months ago

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3 5 months ago

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2 6 months ago
iPhone or iPad App?

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10 6 months ago
when to eat

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2 1 year ago
Hello Just starting

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2 1 year ago

Moms on Diet

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    Hi, Eileen. I wrote to your post in another thread - I recommend that you switch to the personal version of the Menu Planner so that you can select the specfic foods to go into your menu at each meal. You can get to the food lists by clicking on "My Food Choices" in the toolbar above your current menu.

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    So, I had a similar question. I feel like I can't always get in everything for each meal. It also makes me nervous that I am allotted 2 pieces of toast for breakfast when I haven't been eating bread for a while. I feel like it could make me gain weight but I'm trusting it won't. Also, I suspect if I don't have all items listed in my menu planner, I should just understand that if it's butter or a spread or oil, I can substitute some sort of "fat." Is this true?

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    Hi, kkabbabe. That's fine. As long as at least three food groups are represented in your meal and you don't end up eating so little throughout the day that you are on a semi-starvation diet, that's fine. It's great that you're in tune with your satiety signals!

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    HI, so I am just starting here, and I was checking the meal plan for the week... and I have a question, what would happen if I don't eat everything that is in the menu on a specific meal... for instance, for breakfast I have muffin with avocado and cottage cheese, for me the muffin and the avocado is enough, what would happen if I skip a food item from a specific meal?. Thanks!

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