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2 3 days ago

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2 3 weeks ago
iPhone or iPad App?

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10 1 month ago
Confused what to eat , what not to eat

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2 2 months ago
when to eat

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2 9 months ago
Hello Just starting

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2 9 months ago
Mum of three and new to the trim down club

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2 9 months ago
menu planner help

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5 11 months ago
A glass of wine maybe

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2 11 months ago

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3 1 year ago
Moving on from Week 1

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6 1 year ago
Fat Storing to Fat Burning

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4 1 year ago
full time student, wife, and mother

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6 1 year ago
help !!

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4 1 year ago
underactive thyroid

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2 1 year ago

Moms on Diet

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    Hi, aamran. Tea is encouraged in this plan, and by itself is a "free" beverage - meaning it doesn't have any significant amounts of protein, carbohydrates, or fats, and so does not need to be counted. What would need to be counted is any sweetener or whitener.

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    Hi, hairdos106. With diverticulitis, if you are in the acute stage with pain and bleeding, it is recommended to eat only soft foods without fiber, such as mashed potatoes, bananas, white pasta and bread, etc. For prevention of acute infections, avoid popcorn, nuts, seeds, and anything with a tough peel or shell. Everything else is fine.

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    Hi, tbfoto. I forwarded your query to tech support. I hope all is OK now.

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    Hi, I just found this site today. I searched for an App and was not successful. Is there one completed since this question was asked two years ago that I just didn't find? If so, can you tell me the name of it so I can download it please. I am a busy mom with 3 teenage boys and this app would certainly be useful for me! Thank you, Trish (aka tbfoto)

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