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1 4 days ago
what type of evercise

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3 1 week ago
Am on bed rest – Doctor’s orders

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2 4 weeks ago
Just started

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20 1 month ago
Lifetime membership option

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11 2 months ago
Functional Fitness

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3 2 months ago

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10 2 months ago
new member

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2 3 months ago
Calorie Count

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2 3 months ago
Progress Meter

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2 4 months ago

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10 4 months ago
Under active thyroid

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6 5 months ago
Is it best to eat before and after a work out

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2 7 months ago
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58 9 months ago
rowing machine

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    Hi, jab1952 and Littlepistol1. It is generally optimal to get exercise ideas from your healthcare provider familiar with your case - especially during recovery from hip replacement (perhaps from your physical therapist). Meanwhile, this is a link to recommendations from a medical organization: For asthma, we recommend yoga, as it helps with breathing and "opening" up the lungs. You will find examples in our "8 Week" program (link on the site home page), on the odd-numbered weeks (1, 3, 5, 7). For lower back arthritis, try these video links for ideas: Deskercise PiYo Toe Touches Lower Body Slim and Toning Abs Side Squats Lower Body Toning

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    Following to see what they suggest. I am like you as well as just recovering from Hip replacement. Have a good day. Char

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    Hi, lamason5424. It's great to read that you have found something to keep you physically active when you are at your best. While you are on bed rest, you can skip most of the snacks, but add any protein and produce foods to your other meals - nuts, seeds, dairy, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc.

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    Hi, azpeg. That's wonderful to read! We wish you success here, and are happy to help however we can.

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