The Trim Down Club was established by professional and certified nutritionists and dietitians.
Our goal is to create a place where you can come to get your hands on the most important information
and tips in the nutrition industry and to bring it to you, simply and accurately in a way you can remember and use practically.

We will share the tools and information you need – all in one place, all in a simple and straightforward way,
and all with the goal of helping you achieve all of your health and fitness dreams.
Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength and energy, or generally feel better,
the Trim Down Club is just what you need to succeed.

The principles of the program are very, very simple.
You learn how to eliminate the “bad” stuff from your everyday life, and learn how to find and eat the good stuff.
Our program and tools are based on proven ways to lose weight – and keep it off – that do NOT require
crazy fad diets, starving yourself, or eating food that tastes more like cardboard than real food.

Are you wondering why we call our program a “club”?
We call it a club because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a unique place for people just like you with the same
challenges and thoughts and with the same needs for support and simple tools that will enable them to trim down their weight.

Get to know our team:

Ossie Sharon M.S., R.D.
Over 20 years of experience in conventional and holistic nutrition

  • Registered Dietitian who works in both the clinical and research settings.
  • Ossie holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from San Jose State University and a master’s degree in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, and completed her internship at the Cleveland Veteran Affairs and Mount Zion Medical Centers.
  • Ossie specializes in weight loss, chronic disease, and preventive nutrition at all stages of the life cycle.
  • Has worked in private practice, medical and rehabilitation facilities, and research settings.
  • With a background in both conventional and holistic nutrition and medicine, Ossie helps individuals achieve and maintain optimal health.


Meagan Lee
8 Years of Experience

  • Certified personal trainer who has been helping clients become healthier since 2005!
  • Meagan holds a degree in Business Management, Sports Management, and Kinesiolgy from the University of the Incarnate Word based in San Antonio.
  • Meagan specializes in weight loss, muscle building, exercise for chronic disease patients and youth fitness.
  • In her 8 years of training Meagan has helped clients reach their goals of running in the Boston Marathon, qualify for the school that trains for Cirque du Soleil, fitness competitions, lose over 100lbs, and help reduce chronic pain due to injury.


Doug Cook, M.S., R.D.
12 Years of Experience

  • Registered Dietitian with over 12 years experience
  • Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto
  • He has worked both in hospital and in private practice. Doug is very passionate about food and nutrition and the role that nutrition plays in health and wellness. He practices a holistic and integrative approach providing science-based guidance on food and diet.
  • facebook: Doug Cook RD
  • Goolge +: Doug Cook
  • Twitter: DougCookRD


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