Infused oils with fresh ingredients

Infused Oils: Add Rich Flavor to Your Food

Infusing a high-quality oil with herbs, spices, and other flavors is a great way to add a rich flavor to your food, naturally. Here’s our simple guide to making infused oils at home.
Are you an Emotional Eater?

Getting a Handle on Emotional Eating

High-calorie food often represents warm, loving, comforting memories. Hunger is a deep, ancient reflex and powerful fear because it was such a norm in human history. Emotional eating—which most of us do from time to time—combines all these things.
Is Whole Wheat Bread Actually Healthie

Is Whole Wheat Bread Actually Healthier than White Bread?

You should know that there’s often almost no difference between most whole wheat breads and white bread. Here’s an explanation why – and what kind of bread will actually get the job done.

Are You Feeding Your Fat? Here’s How to Feed Your Body Instead

An important new study examines how some foods feed your fat and other foods feed your body. It turns out that not all calories are created equal. In fact, some are a lot worse for you, leading your body to …

10 Ways to Get Unstuck When You Hit a Plateau

Anyone trying to lose weight dreads hitting a plateau: that point when your weight loss stalls, even though you’re still following your program. Here’s how to get off the plateau.

How to Acquire Good Nutrition Habits?

What does it mean to adopt good nutrition? Not eating junk food? Eating only organic food? Or maybe becoming a vegan? Here are 12 simple tips that are basic to good nutrition habits, whatever your personal taste.

Becoming a Mindful Eater

Mindless eating simply refers to the behavior of eating without noticing. Most of us don’t overeat because we’re hungry, but rather because of other external influences, such as prompts in our environment ‘telling’ us to eat - whether it’s a TV commercial, or the person behind the counter asking us if we ‘wanted anything to eat with that?’.

Living and Raw Foods: A Growing Trend

One of the latest trends around the world is the popularity of raw and living foods. Diets rich in living foods are regarded as rejuvenating and almost magical, not only by celebrities but also by the common man. Living foods are regarded to be beneficial in supporting good physical and mental health, heightened energy levels and a slim and attractive body.

It's a Family Matter: Healthy Eating Tips for All

You've decided you want to lose weight and eat healthier. Great! So what does that mean for the rest of the family?