What Our Members Say About Us

Meagan Bailey

I highly recommend this program
because of the effectiveness over the long
term, the ease, and support!…”


I had my one year anniversary with TDC
this weekend! Yippee!!
I have only 5 more to go!!…”


“I lost 66lbs & managed to maintain
my weight at around 160lbs…
it really works so have faith in it…”


“My family is loving the food & I’m BLOWN
away these are foods I can eat freely.
This is the best plan I’ve ever found … ”

Lisa Ryan

“I believe the way I am eating now has
helped balance my hormones.
I look and feel so much healthier…”


This diet program certainly has helped
me a lot. I am retired, so I can follow the
diet plan according to my menu.”

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Edamame Beans in a brown ceramic bowl, placed upon a bamboo placemat

What is Edamame?

What is Edamame? Full of things that are great for you, and also full of things that might NOT be so great. Should you add it to your diet or not? Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Edamame.

Mixed rice in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon in it, all sitting on a rough wooden table top

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Question: Is Rice Gluten Free? Answer: Usually… it is not actually a simple answer- there are things to look for and all the answers can be found here. Read more to get the low-down on Rice and it’s role in a Gluten free Diet.

A blackboard covered in words related to Celiac Disease and Gluten intollerence

Celiac Disease

Not everybody takes on a Gluten Free diet for basic health reasons. Sometimes it is because they have Celiac Disease. There is no cure for it but the treatment: a Gluten Free Diet is effective at stopping the damage. You need to learn more about Celiac now- before it impacts on your life.

Who's Losing Weight?