What Our Members Say About Us

Meagan Bailey

I highly recommend this program
because of the effectiveness over the long
term, the ease, and support!…”


I had my one year anniversary with TDC
this weekend! Yippee!!
I have only 5 more to go!!…”


“I lost 66lbs & managed to maintain
my weight at around 160lbs…
it really works so have faith in it…”


“My family is loving the food & I’m BLOWN
away these are foods I can eat freely.
This is the best plan I’ve ever found … ”

Lisa Ryan

“I believe the way I am eating now has
helped balance my hormones.
I look and feel so much healthier…”


This diet program certainly has helped
me a lot. I am retired, so I can follow the
diet plan according to my menu.”

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measuring scoops of gluten free flours (almond, coconut, teff, flaxseed meal, whole rice, brown rice, buckwheat) with a text in letterpress wood type

22 Essential Gluten Free Flours

You know you need to give your gluten free diet a fair chance and you know that buying gluten free can be expensive- so you ALSO know you need to jump into the Do-It-Yourself mode. Trim Down Club is here to help with a list of 22 gluten free flour alternatives that you can probably find in most major supermarkets or in health food stores. Let’s get started!


How to Naturally Detox Yourself…for Good

If you’re carrying around a few (or more than a few) more pounds than are good for you, you may wonder if you should give a detox diet a try.
After all, they look very attractive. Just drink some gorgeous juice and lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days, as one famous detox diet promises…

A home cooking kitchen scene with an apron wearing mother in the background and 2 young kids helping out in the foreground. Holding up dough covered hands to the viewer. Kitchen is a bit of a mess.

The Benefits of Home Cooking

Once upon a time there was only one way to make a meal- people had to get together and make it! Families gathered to eat it and the family unit was bound together around the table.
Times have changed, society has changed and our approach to food has changed- but not necessarily for the better.

Who's Losing Weight?