Vegan Diets May Help Metabolic Illness

Recent studies prove that a vegan diet not only includes all the essential elements our bodies need such as iron, vitamins, and fiber, but also has the power to prevent serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes and manage obesity, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Strawberry Shortcake

This traditional and classic dessert is typically associated with sugar and fat. What with rich ingredients like cake topped with sugary glaze and whipped cream? Discover a much healthier version with this recipe.
What is the most satiating-breakfast

Research Finding: The Most Satiating Breakfast

American researchers found that people who ate an egg for breakfast were less hungry by lunch time than those who had cereal. Blood tests also reveal that the satiety hormone levels were also higher for those people. The hypothesis is …

Diet and Brain Function: Interplay Between Life-Sustaining Factors

The human brain is a complex organ. It is responsible for managing just about every process: it is responsible not only for cognitiv and psychological processes, but also for physical processes. The healthier your brain is, the healthier is its functioning

Lose Waist Without Want: Tips to Stay Satiated

Anyone who has tried to diet knows the all-day feeling of hunger that threatens long-term success. Here we explain what foods you should eat and how you should eat them to avoid that slippery slope and protect your health.

How to Acquire Good Nutrition Habits?

What does it mean to adopt good nutrition? Not eating junk food? Eating only organic food? Or maybe becoming a vegan? Here are 12 simple tips that are basic to good nutrition habits, whatever your personal taste.

Why is Too Much Salt Bad For You?

You hear all the time that we as a society eat far too much sodium in our diets. You may wonder what the big deal is and why too much sodium can possibly be bad for you. Though you always hear you should reduce your sodium intake, it helps to know exactly why that is.

Living Foods: A Growing Trend

One of the latest trends around the world is the popularity of raw and living foods. Diets rich in living foods are regarded as rejuvenating and almost magical, not only by celebrities but also by the common man. Living foods are regarded to be beneficial in supporting good physical and mental health, heightened energy levels and a slim and attractive body.

How to Improve Your Brain Health With a Better Diet

The maintenance and promotion of optimal cognitive health is not essentially difficult if you follow healthy diet and lifestyle. Always remember that prevention of cognitive problems is way so much better than finding a cure for it!